My name is Alexa Newsom, and photography isn't my job. I don't need  to take pictures. I am a photographer because taking pictures makes me happy. Preserving a perfect moment that might otherwise slip by unnoticed is one of the best feelings I've ever experienced.

 I spent my childhood in the wonderful town of Bend, Oregon. My family moved to Washington when I was nine years old, and though I do love it here, It took roughly ten years before I actually began to feel like a real Washingtonian (though I still haven't quite gotten over the whole sales tax thing). Maybe it's because I sensed all along how much the weather would hinder me in the future. The clouds make my pictures too cyan (I fix this later, of course), and the unpredictable rain makes scheduling photo shoots a nightmare. But hey, it's my home.

I took my first photography class at the age of fifteen. I was in Running Start and it was my first experience in a college course. I picked the class because my friends were taking it, and because it didn't sound too scary. I've always been fairly artistic, so most of it came pretty naturally. I took a few more classes, but since then I've been primarily self-taught. I learn a little more with each shoot, and plan on continuing my education for years to come.