Surprise Christmas Wedding

I'm so late posting this. For some reason I was ridiculously unproductive over the holidays, and it's finally catching up to me. BUT I'm making up for it right now. I've re-designed my website, acquired a new camera, and am really trying to get serious about my business this year. All very exciting stuff.

Anyway, at the very end of last year (the day after Christmas, actually), I had the surprise honor of photographing my boyfriend's mother's wedding! Laurie and John were in town visiting for Christmas and decided that it was the perfect time to make things official. Of course I had to take the pictures (who knows if they actually wanted me to, but who cares? I brought my camera anyway). Everything was very last-minute, which meant only a small number of friends and family were there for the ceremony. The small intimate feel was amazing, and so low-stress. It was wonderful.