Scary Photographers, etc.

Last month, an old friend from high school contacted me about photographing her family. She also has a photography business, so naturally I was super nervous to shoot her. I'd never done a shoot for another photography before, and for some reason found the idea super terrifying. Probably because I know how picky I would be in that situation. But more importantly, I had no idea how to pose a family of five without any short kiddos involved! Due to a food poisoning incident, I didn't have to figure that part out. It ended up being just Jessica, her husband, and her sister. It was a shame that the whole family wasn't there, but I was a little relieved to avoid the posing fiasco. And of course, Jessica wasn't judgy or difficult at all. As per usual, I was worried for no reason, and the shoot went beautifully. Be sure to check out Jessica's site below!

Jessica Elle Photography