Baby Londyn

Alright, this is my last catch-up post. Earlier this year, I got to do a cozy newborn shoot with one of my very favorite families. They are unbelievably sweet and beautiful, and I'm so grateful that they keep coming back to me.

Just like with her older sister, Layna, we did baby Londyn's shoot at home. This is such a comfortable, easy option. Layna wasn't too sure about me (as per usual), but it was so much fun getting to watch her practice new new big sister skills (very serious business). 

Baby Layna

Back in May, I had a wonderful time shooting maternity photos for Katelyn and Andrew. As fun as that was, I was even more excited when it came time to do their newborn photos! Two weeks ago today, they invited me over to their cozy home in Seattle to photograph brand new baby Layna. The session went amazingly well. Andrew and Katelyn have made a gorgeous home for themselves, and it was the perfect setting for the warm, cuddly feel of this shoot.